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Bernese Mountain Dog. 5 Facts

Keeping Your Bernese Mountain Dog Active and Happy: Fun Ways to Play and Exercise Together

Long Walks and Hikes

With their natural working dog instincts, Bernese Mountain Dogs can’t wait to explore new sights and smells on a long walk or hike! To keep your pup safe and happy while they burn off energy with you, be sure that they remain leashed at all times. Tune in to their individual activity levels by bringing water and snacks for breaks when needed – then just enjoy the journey together!


If you want to get your Bernese Mountain Dog in shape, don’t forget about the power of water exercise! Swimming is a great way to give them low-impact physical activity that won’t strain their joints. It’s an excellent option for improving muscle tone and overall fitness while also being fun. Plus, all they need is access to a pool or lake – no special equipment required (unless it’s really deep; then be sure Fido wears his life jacket).

Interactive Games

Bernese Mountain Dogs are more than just adorable pups – they can also be brilliant playmates! Stimulate your pup’s body and mind with activities such as fetch, hide-and-seek or tug-of-war. Not only will these games help to bond you closer together, but they’ll improve coordination, problem solving skills and even overall behavior. Don’t forget the toys though; make sure all of their equipment is suitable for a playful game session before starting up any new adventure!

Agility Training

Unleash your Bernese Mountain Dog’s inner athlete with agility training! Strengthen their coordination and obedience by setting up a course in your backyard full of exhilarating jumps, tunnels and weave poles. With the right guidance from basic classes or experienced instructors, soon they’ll be blazing through trickier courses like an Olympian!

Running and Jogging

Bernese Mountain Dogs are devoted to their owners and make excellent running companions. Start slowly with your furry friend, gradually increasing the intensity of jogs and runs while providing ample breaks along the way. Make sure they’re properly conditioned before any long-distance adventures! To keep them healthy in body -and paws-, stick to soft surfaces like grass or dirt when hitting the trails!

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