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Austrian Specialty show'09 - BOB, Club Winner '09, res.BISs
Estonian Speciality show'10 - puppyBOB and puppyBOO

Finland Speciality show'08 - BOB puppy
Finland Speciality show'09 - 4th best male from 76 males

Finland Speciality show'10 - 2nd best male, CAC

Latvian Speciality show'09 - best female, BOO

Latvian Speciality show'10 - BOB, Club Winner 2010, BISs

Latvian Speciality show'11 - Club Junior Winner

Latvian Speciality show'11 - BOB and res.BISs

Latvian Speciality show'12 - BOB, Club Winner and BISs

Latvian Speciality show'12 - Club Junior Winner x 2

Latvian Speciality show'13 - Class Winner

Latvian Speciality show'13 - 3rd best male

Latvian Speciality show'13 - Class Winner, Best male 3 and Best male 4

Latvian Speciality show'14 - champion class winner

Latvian Speciality show'16 - puppyBISs

Latvian Speciality show'18 - veteranBOO, Veteran Club Winner 2018

Baltic Sennenhund 2018 - Baltic Sennenhund Junior Winner 2018 and Baltic Sennenhund Veteran Winner, veteranBOB, veteranBISs-1

Latvian IIgr. speciality show - BOB and BISs

Ukraine Speciality show in Nikolaev - BOB

WDS '09 Bratislava - intermediate class winner, CAC

WDS 2010 - r.CW in puppy class

Euro Berner 2010 - best puppy

Our children:

Champion of America
Champion of Estonia

Champion of Latvia x 2
Champion of Lithuania
Champion of Russia x 3
Champion of RKF

Junior Champion of Estonia

Junior Champion of Latvia x 3
Junior Champion of Lithuania
Junior Champion of Russia

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